Becoming an award-winning builder does not happen over-night, it is an accumulation of a vision that is supported by an in-house team and the close relationship developed with reliable vendors and sub-contractors. This reputation has been earned and built over-time by being honest, reputable, artistic, creative, and dedicated and most of all having a passion for the homebuilding craft. It is a reputation that we do not take lightly and one that we realize has to be earned with each home we build. What Todd Parmenter has created in 20 short years has taken others decades to achieve.

By continually listening to our customers and the housing market we attempt to build “Today” what “Tomorrows” home owners will desire. At Parmenter Homes we have built our business around supporting the needs, desires and “Dreams” of our home owners. It is with this philosophy that Parmenter Homes has earned the reputation of being one of the premier residential home builders in Washington. We continue to be innovative in the attempt do deliver a home that meets more than just the needs of the customer. We are never satisfied and continually strive to improve our craft. Our goal is not to just build homes, but to build long-term appreciation and value for our clients.

Todd has developed his vision from his own personal experience as a dedicated family man with 4 kids. This has led him to design and build high-quality homes which meet the needs and lifestyles of today?s active families. The design, layout and flow of Parmenter homes assist in organizing the daily life of your family.

We realize that the process of building a home can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences, if not managed carefully. So, we encourage you to select your builder carefully. We at Parmenter Homes strive to make the experience of building your home a positive one for the entire family.

Todd is still involved in every aspect of the construction of his homes, from design and completion. He has assembled a staff of key individuals that support his vision of high-quality and attention to detail. Parmenter’s trademark has been to bring the old-style craftsmanship and finishing detail to the forefront of his homes.

Parmenter Homes has received awards voted upon by both the public and realtor’s for best value, architectural design, curb appeal, master suite, interior design, saleable floor plan, best kitchen and landscaping.

In addition, on a national basis Parmenter Homes has received the ‘Silver Award’ for ‘Best in America Living Award’ for custom-built homes in the range of 4,000 to 6,500 square feet.