Interior Design

While each of our homes are in design stage each room is looked at to make sure the needs of those who use the room(s) are met as much as possible. When it comes time for selections there are staff members available to help with decisions as well as vendors to help bring your vision to reality.



The unique designs of Parmenter Homes comes from the clarboration between Todd Parmenter (President of Parmenter Homes) and architect Troy Clymer of Architects NW. When Todd purchases land he already has an idea of what he wants to see in the home(s) and between his ideas and the creative ideas of Troy they come up with a home that Todd himself would live in.



Parmenter Homes, Inc. hires only licensed/bonded contractors who pride themselves in their workmanship getting the project started and completed on schedule and still giving our clients the quality that we require in our homes.



Our clients have taught us a lot over the years about how they live their life.

Our vast and varied experience means that we have achieved a level of proficiency that enables us to offer professional and reliable services. For us, the goal is simple. We believe that your home environment is a reflection of your family. We take pride in helping our clients get in touch with what is most important to their family’s needs by helping them to incorporate elements into their home which will accommodate their lifestyle. Our focus is to help our clients maximize the unique design and flow of their home to accommodate their lifestyle and evolving family needs.

With these steps we are able to make the remodeling process easy on your family and will enjoy for years to come your own Parmenter Home.